Confessions of a designer

Couple weeks have passed and its time for another #altdevblogaday post. Here are some tricks that got the job done even when inspiration lacked. Feel free to check out my Confessions of a designer.


Fewest number of swings in a fight

I joined #altdevblogaday and The fewest number of swings in a fight was my first contribution to the blog.

That group is filled with an amazing set of developers so I’m sure we’ll see a lot of great and interesting posts.


Compulsion Loops

Got particularly inspired the other day to write when I heard the term compulsion loop used in conversation again. I think compulsion loops are a bit telling of our industry in general. Feel free to read up on it here:

Mastering the compulsion loop


Practical Design

For awhile now I’ve been thinking of writing a few articles on Game Design.  I really enjoy discussing game theory but I’ve noticed that only a handful of people ever talk about actual methods to build games.  For now I’m calling it “Practical Design.”  The first article is up and discusses one of the most feared game systems to create, the game economy. I plan on writing a few other practical design segments eventually.

Here’s the game economics article.


Who’s Yaney?

I started designing video games as a living back in 1996 for the PS1. Since then I've built games on a wide range of platforms that include Wii, DS, PS2, PlayStation, PSP, PC, and iPod.

Over the years I've worked at 989 Studios, Verant, Sony Online Entertainment, MumboJumbo, Skyworks and now SRS Labs where I've worked on many titles in the RPG, Action, Strategy, Life Simulation, Dance, and Puzzle genres.

I truly enjoy the game industry and am always interested in new opportunities.

I'm a gearhead that loves racing and flying.

Lately, I've been poking around working on how video game experiences translate to board games.